Failure to do so can result in your visit ending promptly.

We thank you in advance for you cooperation, understanding & respect!

Please abide by our county by law.  Face coverings must be worn in all indoor areas such as; the gift shop, the reptile room and the washrooms. You DO NOT have to wear a covering throughout the park, in the open air space.  

Medical conditions, and children under 2 are exempt. We do NOT require passports.

Please be mindful of the animals, staff, other guests and their personal space.


YOU are responsible for children. You MUST watch and keep children with you at ALL times.

Please respect social distancing at all times.

Failure to follow these simple, respectful requests, will result in your visit ending.

PLEASE be sure to properly dispose of your mask!

We provide several garbage bins throughout the entire park.

Masks pose a huge threat to our animals, nature and to wildlife.

Please detach the ear strings before disposal.

Twin Valley Zoo has taken extra precautions to keep our animals, family, staff and customers safe. We have reviewed and followed the Ontario guidelines. We have also done our own due diligence, researching local shops, grocery stores, and markets to meet and follow our community standards.

At Twin Valley Zoo we understand that these are unprecedented times. We take families physical and mental health very seriously and understand the need for families to be outdoors, in nature, connecting. Each family has to make choices that are right for themselves, and we support those choices. While we do have hand sanitizer available, we encourage you to bring your own and use it when touching contact surfaces.

We have created and implemented the following procedures:

  • Due to the size of our parking lot, the park is always operating at a reduced capacity.
  • An outdoor lineup area with 10 foot spacing to allow families extra room for themselves, strollers or wagons.
  • Our gift shop has been equipped with sanitizer, protective plexiglass and directional arrows. It also has a limit of 1 family in the entrance and 2 families on either side of the gift shop area.
  • Picnic tables are sanitized and spaced with a minimum of 6 feet to allow for family picnics.
  • We have placed directional arrows throughout the park
  • Twin Valley Zoo is a children’s zoo and we understand our young populations need for washrooms. We have taken extra precautions to accommodate our visitors needs. Hand washing is our #1 defence, so please, wash your hands frequently. Contact points are being sanitized every hour and full cleans are done regularly throughout the day.
  • We have thoroughly reviewed expectations and regulations with our dedicated staff. We have implemented extra hand washing precautions and have PPE available for them, if needed.We are asking for everyone’s cooperation, understanding and respect.

This has been a long road for us and we are very excited, but we will be operating under very strict rules and guidelines.

Customers that do not abide by these simple guidelines WILL be asked to leave.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

We would like to thank our zoo staff and family, our community, our volunteers, our local farmers, our contributors, our amazing customers and our county for loving us and supporting us. We could not have done this without you, we are here because of all of you! From all the animals and the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

The Stallmann Family