Zoo Rules & Expectations

Please take a moment to review the zoo rules and expectations with your children and families before your visit!
We thank you in advance for respecting and following all zoo rules!
  • We provide feeders for out goats and fallow deer as well as a zoo biscuit for primates, bears, and wolves, that can be purchased in the gift shop.
  • Our animals health and well-being is our responsibility. They all have dietary needs and we appreciate your help in maintaining that.
  • Please do not feed the animals ANY kind of food, other than what is purchased here at the zoo.
  • Animals are never to be picked up or chased.
  • Never sit or climb on fences or place your children on the fence. This is a barrier fence for your safety and the animals’ safety.
  • Please pick up all the garbage. Our animals can ingest garbage causing serious medical problems.
  • Children must be with a parent and supervised at all times.
  • Bicycles or motorized vehicles are not permitted at the zoo.
  • Dogs or pets of any kind are not permitted at the zoo. We also do not permit animals being left in vehicles, authorities will be immediately contacted.
  • Alcohol & marijuana is strictly prohibited.
  • No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere at the zoo. You’re welcome to smoke in the parking lot using the receptacles provided.
  • We invite you to pack a picnic, bring in your lunches snacks or beverages! We offer several picnic areas throughout the zoo for you to enjoy.
  • Please be respectful and considerate to all animals, zookeepers and other patrons.
  • Taunting or teasing the animals is strictly prohibited.
  • No balloons permitted at the park.
  • Please avoid use of plastic straws.
  • Failure to follow zoo rules can result in you and/or your family being asked to leave.


Twin Valley Zoo would like to thank all of their supporters!

Thank you to everyone who has shared, contributed and connected with us. Your stories, memories and contributions are amazing and appreciated

Thank you so very much!

With love, admiration and gratefulness,
The Twin Valley Zoo Family


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