Can I feed the animals?2023-01-31T12:37:03-05:00

Yes! Our Fallow Deer have coin feeders around their habitat and we now offer a souvenir produce cups at the cozy cabin!

NEVER feed animals outside food! They all have a very important diets. Feeding animals any outside food is strictly forbidden and will result in your visit ending promptly.

How big is the Park?2023-01-31T12:40:47-05:00

The Park sits on 25 beautiful acres that include a five-acre wooded area, complete with a nature trail. The entire park takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours to walk through, but you’re welcome to pack a picnic lunch and stay all day. Please no drones, barbeques, or tailgating.

See our Park Map for more information.

Is there free parking?2019-12-09T12:12:41-05:00

Yes. We have plenty of free parking.

Is the Park wheelchair accessible?2023-01-31T12:39:35-05:00

Yes. Our paths are all wide and hard-packed. However, the nature trail is rough terrain and should not be attempted by guests in wheelchairs.

Is there food available at the Park?2023-01-31T12:37:45-05:00

You are welcome to bring your own picnic lunch We have picnic tables all over the park! Please don’t stand on them and remember to pick up all of your garbage!

Alcohol is not permitted in the park.

Are pets or service animals allowed at the Park?2023-01-31T12:39:02-05:00

Sorry! Pets are not allowed on Park property. Unfortunately, this includes service animals. Due to health and safety regulations and for the health and safety of our animals and yours, we cannot permit pets or service animals on the premises at any time. This includes the parking lot. It is also strictly prohibited to leave any animal in your vehicle at any time.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Is this a peanut free facility?2020-02-06T11:54:00-05:00

Unfortunately, while we do not sell peanut products we can not guarantee there are no peanuts on the property. Some of our feed may contain or come in contact with peanuts in the feed mill.

Is there a smoking zone?2023-01-31T12:38:32-05:00

Smoking of any kind, including vaping, is strictly prohibited. There is no smoking anywhere in the park. You are welcome to smoke at your vehicle, but please use the sand ashtrays provided next to the garbage’s.

Thank you for keeping our environment clean!


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